Pine-ing For You

Codename: 3Magi Series, Book One

The weather outside is frightful, but the sparks between them are delightful…

Christmas is right around the corner, but after jilting his fiancé at the altar and creating yet another tabloid scandal, Mason Hyde-Ellis has nowhere to turn. Cut off from his inheritance and his family, Mason is penniless, homeless, and disgraced. He returns to the condo he shared with his ex as a last resort and finds Arif Ramzi—a handsome former counter-terrorism officer and his ex’s best friend—staying there.

Arif has spent his career dealing with delicate and dangerous situations, but nothing compares to the desperate, dripping-wet man on his doorstep. At first, Arif thinks Mason is a typical spoiled rich boy, except the more he learns about the man, the more he likes. But when the past crashes into his possible future with Mason and his obligation to help his friends, Arif’s highly organized life suddenly gets very complicated.

The streets of Manhattan are frozen, but can love thaw Arif and Mason’s hearts?

S-Mitten With You

Codename: 3Magi Series, Book Two

It’s Christmas in New York, and this soldier is about to get an unexpected gift…

Navy SEAL Nash Carter should be celebrating the upcoming holidays, but the disappearance of his younger brother, Aiden, has him feeling anything but festive—until an unexpected encounter with a former royal private secretary has him rethinking his tactics. Saba El Tayib claims he can help in the search for Aiden, but Nash isn’t sure his attraction to the man won’t get in the way.

After losing his job, Saba is enjoying some rare free time in New York City…and the company of Nash Carter. Saba is happy to keep Nash distracted by staying with him and helping to search for Nash's missing brother. He's also happy to prevent Nash's loneliness from getting out of hand, even if it means using some special holiday persuasion.

Their chemistry may be undeniable, but as the stakes get higher, will they be forced to choose between love and duty?

Orna-Meant To Be You

Codename: 3Magi Series, Book Three

All the glitter of the Times Square Ball Drop can’t top this dazzling exclusive…

When ex-military intelligence officer, Hollis Gifford III, returns home to New York, he never expects to be at the heart of a scandal that thrusts him into the spotlight. But learning his friend’s brother is missing gives Hollis a chance to lay low and repay a debt at the same time. Except when he finds the man working undercover to get a story, Hollis is forced to join the operation to keep him under surveillance.

Journalist Aiden Carter is hot on the trail of a crooked senator about to con innocent people of their money. The story is huge and could make Aiden’s career, so he can’t afford to get distracted by Hollis’s perfect abs and pretty smile. But when the guy wants to drag him home for the holidays, Aiden won’t back down…even if it means bringing Hollis into his investigation.

As they work together, the chemistry between them reaches the boiling point, but will Aiden be the man to make tight-laced Hollis come undone?