Defending Freedom

Guardian Alliance, Book One

Two stubborn men. One crazed killer. Zero chance of smooth sailing ahead.

Eternal optimist and ex-SEAL Makani Reed started Guardian Alliance to help train civilians to survive dangerous situations. Ambitious, cynical podcaster Freedom Lopez becomes a client at Guardian Alliance to search for his next hot story. The two butt heads from the start, yet as training progresses these polar opposites give in their undeniable attraction. But when a series of questionable deaths points investigators to Mak’s security firm, the two must set their differences aside and work together to find the real killer before it’s too late…

Protecting Benoit

Guardian Alliance, Book Two

Spicy food. Spicier attraction. Dangerous sparks ensue in 3…2…1…

As co-owner of Guardian Alliance Security, former Navy SEAL Vic Catori lives for his career and his teammates. Benoit Aguillard will inherit his family’s restaurant empire, but first he must prove he can take care of him himself. Vic isn’t impressed with Ben’s less-than-stellar attitude in the training course, but Ben’s determined to graduate, even if it means spending extra time with his gorgeous instructor.  But when real lethal forces threaten these two, will they learn to trust each other or lose everything?

Guarding Inigo

Guardian Alliance, Book Three

Two parts temptation + one part romance = a deadly recipe for murder

Jasper Soto has never shied away from danger—not in the SEALs and not now as co-owner of Guardian Alliance Security—especially with a madman on the loose and his business at risk. FBI Agent Inigo Zuniga sees a clear connection between a recent string of ex-SEAL deaths and Guardian Alliance but isn’t sure if the owners are suspects or potential new victims. As the killer plots their next move, and things turn more and more treacherous, will their bond become their greatest strength or their worst weakness?